South West Devon Energy from Waste

MVV Umvelt

Kier Construction Infrastructure

Engineering energy from waste

Kier Construction approached Taskmaster to be a part of the building of a new waste plant facility in Plymouth. The South West Devon Waste Partnership Plant will provide one of the most efficient energy-from-waste plants in Europe, with the capacity to process 250,000 tonnes each year.

We worked alongside Kier Construction Infrastructure as well as the fit out contractors provided by the client, though we were responsible for installing the doorsets, under the FIRAS third-party accredited Fire Door installation scheme.

Supporting the design intent

The intent behind the project was not only to provide a sustainable, effective waste management facility, but also to create a modern, attractive building that could become an iconic feature of the Plymouth skyline.Engineering is at the heart of the building design, with reception areas and office spaces integrated with waste bunker, boilers, flues and state of the art engineering workshops. To support the intent of the site, doorsets needed to be robust and unobtrusive while fitting into the overall aesthetic.


  • 143 doorsets including;
  • S-XR External Doorsets (CE marked under BS EN 14351-1)
  • S-XR External Louvered Doorsets
  • S-IR Internal Fire Rated Doorsets (certified under Certifire accreditation scheme)
  • Configurations: Single and double leaf personnel doorsets

Meeting the needs of the facility

Doorset configurations were specifically chosen to require minimal maintenance, to ensure they remained unobtrusive both in form and function. The proximity of local housing required that we create acoustic louvered doorsets, to reduce noise levels while providing the necessary ventilation for the site.

Security was another significant feature of the project, due in no small part to the location of the building - directly adjacent to the Royal Naval Dockyard. In order to meet the stringent security requirements, we needed to integrate seamlessly with the end user’s access control requirements throughout the site.

Over 140 doorsets installed

Despite the complexity of the building layout, which incorporates a wide variety of heights and depths, Taskmaster were able to provide a range of doorsets to meet the specific needs of the different areas of the site, with over 140 doorsets being installed throughout. External doorsets, including the acoustic louvered doors, were supplemented with internal doorsets that met security requirements as well as offering Certifire-accredited fire ratings for safety and protection.

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Working to a common goal

Kier Construction have worked with Taskmaster before, and chose us for this project knowing that we have a proven track record of working on engineering-related projects. Our value for money and third-party accredited fire performance doorsets were also a key feature in their choice.

The SWDWP Energy-From-Waste Plant offers a wide range of financial, environmental and community benefits, from job creation and cost savings to saving over 70,000 tonnes of CO2 each year compared to current arrangements.

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