Fire Rated Doors

The S-Series range of fire rated doors are available with exceptional fire protection, whilst still permitting the specifier a wide selection of doorset and hardware configurations. The range is rated for fire integrity resistance of FD30 up to FD240 (as defined under BS 476:Pt 22 or EN1634-1).

Fire ratings

FD30 - 30 minutes Fire Resistance
FD60 - 60 minutes Fire Resistance
FD120 - 120 minutes Fire Resistance
FD240 - 240 minutes Fire Resistance

*NOTE: - in all the above instances there is no requirement for the use of intumescent seals, although smoke-seals can be added if required.

Construction and Hardware Options

Fire rated vision panels are available which are suitable for both internal and external applications.

The S-Series scope of certification enables the use of a varied range of certified glass types (performance requirement dependant) to suit a wide variety of configurations / applications.

In addition to flush doorsets, fire rated louvres are also available. These can be supplied with integral fire dampers or incorporating intumescent features. In addition to louvres incorporated within door leaves, fire ratings are available for louvres when incorporated into both transom panels and side panels.

A wide range of fire rated hardware options are available. It should be noted that, where required, our proven range of OEM hardware (which was chosen as much for its aesthetic characteristics as much as its value for money), can often be substituted for items of hardware from a specified Architectural Ironmonger without impacting the certification offered.

CERTIFIRE and Third-Party Accreditation

CERTIFIRE is an independent third-party certification scheme operated by Warringtonfire that guarantees a product's performance, quality, reliability. Importantly, the scheme also provides traceability of fire protection products.

The scheme is recognised by regulatory authorities throughout the world and is an internationally respected mark of fire safety.

Our Certifire third party certified doors provide regulators, specifiers and customers with total confidence regarding the stated performance of our products. This, when coupled with correct installation (ideally under a third-party installer scheme), demonstrates that due diligence has been observed.


For fire rated doorsets to function correctly, correct installation is critical.

The building regulations recommends that for complete peace of mind, third party certificated products and installation services should be used. Titan offers a full installation service.

Our installation teams are, fully trained, and are qualified and certified under the BRE/DHF Fire Door Installer Training Scheme in the correct installation procedures to ensure that, if called upon to perform, your doors will meet their full performance criteria.

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