Bespoke and Speciality Doorsets and Screens

  • Laser-Cut Patterned screens and doors.
  • Stainless Steel – shot peened (including double action).
  • Flood rated.
  • Blast resistant (up to 2 Bar / 200kPa).
  • Ballistic resistant.

Internal and External applications

Security & Prisons |  Retail  |  Office buildings  |  Healthcare

Bespoke Doorset Designs and Applications

The exterior architecture of a building often provides a revealing insight into how the building’s owner or occupant would like to be viewed by the outside world. This type of powerful self-expression should not just be limited to bold architectural statements.

Bespoke architectural detailing can also be used to reinforce that statement. Bespoke touch points such at the building’s points of access provide the perfect opportunity to shaping the first impressions of everyone passing and entering the building and reinforce “the message”.

Over many years in the specialist performance door market, Titan’s project engineers have developed high levels of expertise in correctly interpreting, and delivering, what are often highly complex solutions to a wide range of scenarios. Whether your requirements, are aesthetic, or performance based, something familiar looking, or a completely unique design; we have the experience, skills, and expertise needed to provide the solution.

Laser Cut - Doorsets and Screens for residentail projects

In addition to providing residents with additional peace of mind through robust access controlled entrance systems to residences, bicycle and pram stores, and refuse areas – Titan have provided real aesthetic impact to a number of residential projects with bespoke doorset and screen systems incorporating bespoke patterns.

Bespoke stainless steel doorsets - Including shot peening

Stainless steel doorset construction, albeit unusual, is nothing new.  What many people do not realise however, is that the fire performance of stainless-steel construction doorsets is not the same as that of mild steel.  If a stainless steel doorset is required with a fire rating – certification must demonstrate that the test specimen was constructed in stainless steel – Titan can justifiably claim fire certification for its stainless steel doorsets.

In addition, for additional architectural impact Titan has experience in the construction of doorsets fabricated in patterned stainless steel and shot peened stainless steel.

Flood defence doorsets

Within the S-Series, the B-FL range of flood defence doorsets have been successfully tested to a maximum water depth of 800mm under PAS 1188-1:2014.

In addition, the highly robust construction required to counter the water pressure enables the doorset to be configured to achieve LPCB accreditation under LPS 1175 to a classification of SR2, SR3, or SR4 (configuration dependant).

These doors are available as outward opening single, leaf and a half, or double doorsets, with fixed side and/or top panels.  Doors in the range are also available with a selection of louvres and vision panels (above flood level).

The B-FL range is designed specifically to meet the needs of the utility sector and is ideal for unmanned locations where both security and flood protection measures are required.

Blast resistant doorsets

Within the S-Series, the U-BH range of high-performance blast rated doorsets have been successfully tested to withstand a loading of up to 2 bar (200kPa).  

Titan recognises the high likelihood that in addition to blast performance, applications of this nature will be a require fire performance classification too.  With this in mind, the U-BH range has successfully achieved 120 minutes of fire resistance under the significantly more onerous “Hydrocarbon-Curve”.    

The performance requirements of this range necessitate that locking arrangements are limited to heavy duty multipoint arrangements. These can however be supplied to suit either personnel or panic exit applications, with external access options in both instances.  Vision panels are also available – performance requirement dependant.  

Balistic Resistant Doorsets

Increasingly common as part of high security measures taken for the protection of a buildings staff, property or assets, within the S-Series, the U-BR armour door range, offers a range of fully tested and certified ballistic security doors to offer protection from 9mm handguns up to 7.62mm armour piercing rounds.  

All can be manufactured to comply with either European EN 1522 and or American NU 0108.01 test standards.

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