Glazed Entrance Systems and Screens

Titan T-Series is an innovative range of glazed tubular steel doorsets and screens. With profiles available from various established systems (including Forster, RP Technik and Schuco Jansen), Titan is able to identify and utilise the most appropriate profile for your performance requirements. This ensures that your project will benefit from the latest developments in product engineering, construction, and doorset technology.

A key attribute of the range is the ability to offer high performance classifications whilst still maximising visible area and aesthetic impact. T-Series fire and security rated doorsets are available as single, double, and bi-folding configurations (each with its own co-ordinated range of hardware). Glazing options range from single glazed to multi-glazed configurations.

Doorsets can be integrated into screens, and transoms and mullions can be incorporated into screens and doors as required for additional visual impact.

Suitable for Internal and External applications

Communal | Residential | Retail | Commercial | Healthcare | Secure.

Fire Ratings and Thermal Performance

Document L Performance

The T-Series product range for external applications is available in unique. Comprising 100% recyclable mixed metal profiles, the system satisfies the most demanding physical and structural functions. The all metal construction incorporates thermally broken profiles that also offer certified performance under Document "L".

Fire Ratings

The T-Series product range offers a variety of options to satisfy the most demanding fire resistance criteria, whether requirements are for integrity only, or the more demanding insulation and integrity.

Being highly configurable and able to accommodate a wide range of performance glasses, Titan can products which will achieve the following classifications (as required):

  • E30 - E120 (or EW30 - EW60, depending on glazing) - for applications where temperature rise insulation is not a requirement
  • EI30 - EI60 - for the most demanding applications, where fire integrity with temperature rise insulation is required.

Security Ratings

As security considerations are increasingly important in new and refurbishment projects, T-Series products can be offered with a variety of security certification types and classifications (depending on configuration). Our products can also be configured to satisfy the requirements of Document Q of the Building Regulations.

There are a range of security classifications that T-Series products can be offered with (configuration dependant) including:

  • EN 1627 - 1630 to Burglar Resistance RC1 - 3
  • STS201 - to satisfy the requirements of PAS24
  • STS202 - BR1 and BR2
  • LPS 2081
  • PAS 24

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