Personnel Doors

Titan's S-Series range of personnel doorsets are highly configurable and are suitable for a wide range of general-purpose applications, including entrance doors, fire exits and plant rooms.

Personnel doorsets are available in wide a range of configurations including both single and double leaf arrangements, all with a co-ordinated, and proven range of hardware, louvres, and vision panel options, with factory-applied polyester powder coat finish as standard.

Alternative special finishes and constructions are available to suit your project’s specific requirements. These include timber effect paint finishes, primer finish for onsite painting (by others), or constructions in either Magnelis (for high corrosion resistance) or stainless steel (both 304 or 316 material).

Our highly configurable personnel doorsets can be tailored to your project, with alternative door leaf constructions, core materials, frames, finishes, panels, and louvres all available to meet your ideal performance and appearance requirements.

Suitable for both Internal and External applications

Commercial . Fire Exits . Sports Venues . Plant Rooms . Health Care . Transport Hubs

Frame Features

Frames are available with a range of options. Typically, corners are mechanically jointed for site assembly, although welded corners are available where required.

As standard, frame fixing hole caps are a plastic push-in type, with the option of polyester powder coated metal caps to match the frame finish.

Other optional features include wind-out fixing adjusters (to aid with installation), plastic or metal fixing shims, and a range of performance seals (smoke or weather) and thresholds.

All hinge cut outs, lock strike apertures and fixing holes are engineered into the frame before it is formed. Any corresponding reinforcements (eg for overhead closers, lock strikes and hinge pads are fitted during the manufacturing process)

Frame Profiles

Typically, frames are constructed from 1.5 mm Galvanized sheet, coated to BS10142:2000, which can be formed into a wide range of profiles. Standard profiles include 90mm and 150mm single rebate.

Depending on your project's requirements, alternative frame depths or frame profiles may utilised (including semi, or two-part "wrap-around" profiles.

Vision Trims and Louvre Panels

A wide range of vision trims and glass types are available as standard.

Configurations available will suit most applications (including Document M compliance, fire and security performance).

In addition to “punched” louvres, a range of proprietary steel louvres are available incorporating a V blade format. These are available in a wide range of sizes and can be fire rated.

Additionally, options available include including bird proofing, insect-mesh, fire rating and security rating.

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