Steel Security Doors

For the first time, Building Regulations Approved Document Q has given serious weight to the importance of security as a requirement in the design and construction of new buildings. Titan's range of security doorsets have been thoroughly tested, and not only meet these security standards, but also far exceed the requirements of the standard – at every level.

Within the S-Series, the B-XR range of security doorsets has been successfully tested and certified to provide intruder resistance under LPS1175 scheme operated by LPCB to SR2, SR3 and SR4 classifications (configuration dependant). These classifications make S-Series doorsets the perfect choice, whether you simply require a secure doorset, or your project’s requirements necessitate a high security doorset.

Security Door Configurations

A wide range of security rated door configurations and hardware options are available, including:

  • Single, double, and unequal leaf doorset arrangements.
  • Mechanical locking, panic / emergency hardware arrangements (under both BS EN 179 and BS EN 1125), and access control arrangements.
  • Side panels and Transom panels.
  • Glazed options.
  • Louvres are available in several sizes and configurations.
  • Fire certification.

Suitable for Internal or External applications

Commercial . Retail . Custodial . Healthcare .Warehouses . Government . Defence.

Third-Party Accreditations

Third party accreditation schemes provide regulators, specifiers and customers with the confidence in the stated performance of the product. Choosing products that carry the mark of a reputable third-party certification body provides reassurance as to the performance of the product and, when combined with an accredited installation scheme, demonstrates a commitment to due diligence in any building project.

LPCB Product Certification

LPS1175 security certification provides assurance that the product is high quality, and when correctly installed, will perform as required.

This certification helps avoid costly mistakes, by reducing the risk of doors not performing as required. It also provides traceability of security protection products. The importance of Third Party Certification schemes is highlighted in the Approved Document Q of the Building Regulations.
The LPS 1175 security scheme is recognised by regulatory authorities throughout the world and is an internationally respected mark of security assurance. 

As security testing of our doorsets is an ongoing and regularly changing process, please contact our technical sales team for access the latest Security Data Sheets, which will provide details of the complete field of application for Titan security products. 

Thermal Performance

A declared thermal performance is mandatory for CE marking purposes, whether compliance with the requirements of Building Regulations Doc L is required or not.

Titan's door products have been rated under BS EN 10077-1. Depending on the arrangement chosen, performance well exceeds the required 2.2 w/m2k for Doc L Compliance.

Third Party Fire and Security Performance

Configuration dependent, products are available with CERTIFIRE product certification for up to FD240s fire integrity.

Doorsets supplied can be supplied with LPS 1175 security classifications (depending on configuration) - Learn more about our certifications

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